Pen Portraits

Team profiles


Andrew Black and Gunnar Hallberg

Andrew is 55 and lives on his stud farm in Cobham with wife Jane, four children and two huge dogs. He has been playing bridge since his school days having graduated from the local whist drive run by his grandparents. This is the only thing he graduated from; he was thrown out of university for spending all his time in the bookies. Fortunately, this paid dividends in later life when his internet creation, Betfair, propelled him from geek to guru overnight. Despite having played rubber bridge for a living for a while in the 1990s Andrew barely played at all in the ‘Betfair years’, but returned to the game in 2011 and put his team together. Team Black made it to the final of the European Winter Games in 2016, beating Lavazza in the semi and losing to Monaco in the final. They won the Gold Cup in 2017 and, as England, came third in the Champions Cup in 2018.

Gunnar Hallberg started his bridge life as a Swede and was a regular on their national team during the 1980’s. He was 6 times Swedish teams champion, Nordic champion and European silver medalist. He moved to England to play bridge professionally in 1995 – and is still an even more unpopular opponent in London’s rubber clubs than on the tournament scene. A losing semi-finalist for England in the 2000 World Olympiad, he has won the Cavendish (teams), the Australian championships and North America’s prestigious Vanderbilt trophy (becoming the first Brit ever to do so). In the Summer of 2009, Gunnar reached the final of the European Pairs at the European Open Championships in San Remo, Italy.

Later in the year, Gunnar partnered John Holland and won the Gold Medal in the Senior Bermuda Bowl together with the English team. In 2014, Gunnar was part of the England Seniors team which won the European Championships, and in 2015 he was part of the England team which reached the quarter-finals of the D’Orsi Trophy at the World Bridge Championships. In February 2016 he won a silver medal at the EBL’s European Winter Games in Monaco.

Phil King and Andrew McIntosh

Phil lives in Harrow-on-the-Hill with his wife Su. He is a full time bridge player and coach and has won all the major domestic competitions, including four Gold Cups. Successes further from home include a Silver medal in the 2016 Winter Games and a Bronze in the 2018 Champions Cup. As well as being coach to three Gold medal winning bridge teams, Phil is patiently waiting for the WBF to hand over the Gold medal for the 2008 Olympiad, where he was captain of the current Open Silver medalists.

Andrew has been professionally involved in bridge all his adult life. He left his native Scotland in 1993 to embark on a lucre-less career in London’s rubber bridge clubs. The appalling standard of play and especially behaviour in those clubs meant he quickly shifted his focus into private teaching. After a while he got quite good at it and on a whim and a prayer took over the Acol Bridge Club in 2007. It is now the busiest Duplicate club in the country.

Around 2014 he realised the time and effort required to teach up a club had resulted in a serious diminishing in his own skills and began to draw back from the Acol into the tournament scene. Since then he has won the Spring Fours, the Premier League, the Gold Cup, the Commonwealth Pairs and Teams and is particularly proud of a silver medal in the European Winter Open 2016 and a bronze in the European Champions Cup 2018. Both the latter where achieved with Team Black.

Derek Patterson and Gerald Tredinnick

Derek lives in Kent and likes to spend time, either with friends and family, in the countryside, or at historical sites. He is keen on virtually all sports, ranging from speedway to golf and can often be found playing guitar or listening to music. He has maintained a connection with Queen Mary College, University of London, enabling a current involvement in two projects, one being mathematical and the other concerning artificial intelligence. Further interests include genetics and Tommy Cooper sketches.

Derek learnt to play bridge in the 1980s and has been fortunate enough to have participated at international-level, both as a player and as a non-playing captain. He makes his living from bridge by running his own club (Chislehurst), teaching the game and playing professionally. In this event, he will be partnering Gerald Tredinnick.

Gerald lives in Beckenham in North West Kent. He used to work as an analyst/developer for a pensions software company, but retired early three years ago. Gerald was a member of the British Junior World Championship winning team of 1989 and then went on to be a regular in British and English Open teams throughout the 1990s. He has won all of the major domestic bridge events, mostly in partnership with his brother Stuart. Since the 1999 European Championships he has cut down significantly on his bridge commitments to spend more time on other interests, but has continued to play in some of the major domestic events.

Away from bridge Gerald enjoys most sports, in particular playing squash for a club team, cycling, walking, skiing, and is an occasional golfer. He is also a season ticket holder at Crystal Palace Football Club and has been practicing yoga regularly for the last six years.

Peter Hasenson (NPC)

Peter is 52 and lives in North London where he works as an independent property consultant advising clients on the high-end residential markets of North and Central London. He is the Chairman of Middlesex County Bridge Association, an EBU Shareholder and has previously served two terms as a member of the EBU’s Selection Committee. A member of the International Bridge Press Association, Peter was the editor of the 2004 British Bridge Almanack and has had photographs published widely by World, Zonal, National, County and miscellaneous other bridge organisations. Peter has won various County and National events including the EBU National Pairs in 2016.

An enthusiastic Arsenal FC fan, Peter wishes for England to forever retain the Ashes. He is the father of Sophie, 18 and Jacob, 17.


Janet de Botton and Artur Malinowski

Janet de Botton is not a bridge professional and has been (sort of) playing for almost 20 years. She has won all the major tournaments at least once and usually gets asked by her ‘friends’ if she played (m)any of the boards, even when she won two European bronze medals in the Mixed Teams playing a team of four.

She is joint columnist of the Spectator bridge column where she can wreak a bitter revenge on the trolls. She can also thank all the players who have been incredibly kind and supportive of which this Camrose team is most certainly an example.

Artur Malinowski was born in Poland, moved to Norway and then England where he is now a full-time bridge professional. He won the Silver medal at the 2007 European Pairs in Antalya, and was in the England Open team that took the Silver medal in the World Mind Sport Games in Beijing in 2008. He also has two Bronze medals in the European Mixed Teams, and has won Crockfords as well as the Gold Cup.

Artur’s involvement with the game started by chance: he read a bridge book together with a friend from football at the age of 17, and has not stopped learning and playing since. When in Norway, he worked for the Norwegian Bridge Federation and for a while was the editor of the national bridge magazine. This was a welcome change from the odd jobs he had to do for the first few years after leaving Poland with very little money– and proof that an ear for languages helps in all walks of life. Artur is fairly fluent in seven languages, and sports a proud Polish accent in all of them. Artur was part of the European Open Team in 2018 and will play in the Bermuda Bowl in 2019.

Glyn Liggins and Espen Erichsen

Glyn is a self-taught bridge professional, who lives in London with his wife Sarah. He has represented Great Britain and England in numerous major international tournaments, his most significant result being reaching the semifinal of the 2000 Olympiad in Maastricht. He has played for England in the Camrose and Junior Camrose with 5 different partners. He has won many competitions in England and abroad, including the Gold Cup twice, the Spring Foursomes (he successfully defended the title on two separate occasions), the Premier League, the Brighton Four Star Teams, Schiphol tournament, Bonn nations cup, and many more.

Away from the bridge table he is a keen golfer, playing off a single figure handicap.

Espen is Norwegian and moved to London in 1997 to play high stakes rubber bridge. His bridge career began in the Norwegian army. With 23 hours of darkness each day what else was there to do? He quickly progressed and was selected for the Norwegian junior team which won the European Junior Championships in 1996 and came second in the World Junior Teams Championship in 1997. Later successes include winning the European Mixed Teams in 2005 partnering his wife Helen and winning the Nordic Championships in 2009 representing Norway. In Norway he has won four national championships. In England he has won the Premier League twice and the Gold Cup once.

He lives in Tunbridge Wells with his family. Espen’s other passion is tennis. He was the 8th ranked junior player in Norway but now has to content himself with playing in the over-45 team for Kent. He also enjoys a bad game of golf.

This will be Espen’s fifth Camrose and his second playing with Glyn Liggins. Glyn is Espen’s second favourite partner, his favourite being his wife Helen. Glyn is a great bridge player but Helen provides better rewards when they win.

David Bakhshi and Tom Townsend

David is one of the leading bridge professionals in the UK, with numerous successes in domestic and international tournaments. Over the last 20 years, he has represented England and Britain at both Junior and Open levels of competition. His recent achievements include a 3rd place finish at the Europeans Teams Championships (2014), and 4th place at the Bermuda Bowl (2015). David has also rekindled his interest in junior bridge. In 2016 he attended the World Youth Championships to support his daughter Jasmine, as she represented the England U16s.

Tom Townsend is 47, a professional bridge player, and lives in Shepherd’s Bush with Ewa and their son Max, 9. Tom was a part of Raymond Brock’s junior team in the mid-90s, that won the European and World Championships. The highlights of Tom’s open career have been an appearance in the 2008 Olympiad final, and a bronze medal in the 2005 European Pairs. 2019 will be the 15th Camrose series in which Tom has played, with four different partners. Since 2013, Tom has been the Daily Telegraph bridge hand columnist.

Alan Mould (NPC)

Alan was born in Wootton Wawen, a small village 6 miles from Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, in 1957. He was taught bridge when he was five, by his two brothers, both of whom are more than 10 years older than he is. He continued playing at his secondary school (King Edward VI Grammar School – the most famous ex pupil being a certain William Shakespeare) and at Stratford-upon-Avon bridge club until he left for Manchester to study for a degree in Mathematics in 1976.

His serious partnerships have been, in chronological order, with Anil Ruia, with whom he won the National Pairs and reached the final of the Gold Cup; Howard Melbourne, with whom he played his first Camrose match; Gary Hyett, with whom he won the Gold Cup in 1997 and 1999, played for Great Britain in the very last European Championships that country played in (Malta 1999) and has played 10 or Camrose matches; and most recently, John Holland.

Alan has also taken up official positions in the England Women and Open teams, as either captain or coach. Alan is married to his partner of 30 years (in the non-bridge sense). Monica plays no bridge at all, a fact that both of them are daily grateful for.


John Carroll and Tom Hanlon

John is a Research & Development Manager with a software house based in Dublin. With regular partner, Tommy Garvey, he has won a number of caps for Ireland on the European stage, and was on the Irish team that finished in Silver Medal Position in Warsaw in 2006 and in 4th position in the World Teams Championships in Lille in August 2012.

If this wasn’t enough to be busy with, he and his wife Ann Marie, also an international player, have two boys under the age of eleven!


Born in 1967 and originally from Rochfortbridge, Co. Westmeath, Tom (aka “Kinder”), now living in Dublin, has been playing bridge since 1981. He will explain how he got the sobriquet “Kinder”!! In 2004 he became Ireland’s youngest Grand Master.   Kinder moved straight from the Irish Junior Team to the Irish Open Team in 1994, following which he regularly represented Ireland in International events. Having more than 40 National titles under his belt he has won the Camrose (6 times), and the Lederer (twice).

When not playing bridge Tom is fond of the odd game of poker!

This is Tom’s first Camrose in partnership with John, although they have played regularly in European & World Pairs events togetjher.

Donal Macaonghusa and Mark Moran

Donal, born in Dublin, based in Galway, has been playing bridge for over 30 years. He represented Ireland in 2004 European Bridge Championships in Malmo in partnership with Ciaran Coyne and has played Camrose with Ciaran in the recent past.
He has been a professional poker player for 20 years, and now works in the poker industry.
With very little supporting evidence, he maintains that his playing style is “very conservative”! Donal is married, with two children.

In addition to representing Ireland in a number of international championships, Mark has been part of the Ireland Camrose team for a number of years, initially playing with Peter Pigot, with whom he won in 2005 and Rory Boland in latter years, with whom he also won. This is his first Camrose outing with Donal.

 Ronan McMaugh and Marcin Rudzinski

Originally from Tyrone in the north of Ireland, Ronan took up bridge whilst in University in Dublin. A former junior international, he has won several Irish national championships. Ronan works as a software engineer, enjoys soccer when he isn’t injured and the occasional surf or ski holiday when the funds allow it.

Marcin is 41 and originally from Poland; he has been living and working in Dublin since 2005. He has been playing bridge for almost 20 years but counts the last 10 as being crucial to the development of his game. He has been very involved with Irish junior bridge over the last number of years, giving of his time as NPC on a number of occasions.

Away from the bridge table, Marcin enjoys most physical activities and ….. cooking! He is also a self-proclaimed champion in Fantasy Football.

This is the first Camrose match for Ronan & Marcin.

 Grainne Barton (NPC)

Grainne, herself an international medal-winner and former Lady Milne player, has taken to the job of NPC like a duck to water! Her first major success with the team was in Monaco in October 2013 when they were narrowly beaten in the final of the Cavendish Teams, leaving the greats of world bridge playing in the “Plate”!! Since then, she has captained the team in many events across Europe – including winning the Camrose!


Rex Anderson and David Greenwood

Rex is a retired solicitor living in Coleraine and is currently writing a history of the NIBU. His Camrose career commenced in the 60’s when he played with his father. Rex holds the record for Camrose caps having played just over 100 times. In 2015 he played on the Irish Senior Team which reached the quarter finals in the D’Orsi Bowl in Chennai.

David is a retired Financial Adviser. He has represented Ireland on a number of occasions, and has played in 5 Camrose matches with his wife Diane. His partnership with Rex has been the bedrock of the N Ireland Camrose team for many years. He is the only member of the team to have won the Camrose (albeit playing for England at the time!)

Hastings Campbell and Sam Hall

Hastings is an Estate Agent specialising in Student accommodation in Belfast. He has represented Northern Ireland more than 60 times with a number of different partners. Hastings takes his bridge very seriously as long as it doesn’t interfere with his true passion, cricket. Sporting Index are reputed to be laying a spread on the number of sets Hastings sits out if a Test Match and a Camrose match were on at the same time.

Sam is a retired surgeon who is playing his 2nd Camrose since 1986. he previously played Camrose with Hastings for 5 years pre 1985 and the system has not changed much! His main interests outside bridge are playing the stock market, travel and gardening.

Paul Tranmer and Wayne Somerville

Paul is a retired IT Project Manager. He now spends most of his time playing as much bridge, poker and backgammon as possible. He also plays golf although his playing partners and any spectators might disagree. He’s also known to have the occasional punt on the geegees. As a youngster his bridge was a little wild but as a mature player he only goes for 1400 about twice a season.

Wayne is currently working as a customer service advisor in Bangor. He is the newcomer to the team with this weekend being his third Camrose cap, but at just 29 years old, he will have plenty of time to catch up. He has also represented Northern Ireland and Ireland on a number of occasions as a junior with various partners.

Ian Lindsay (NPC)

Ian has represented the NIBU with six different partners. He is a retired chartered accountant who now acts as Treasurer for six charities connected with music, the visual arts, health and the disabled. He devotes a great deal of time to bridge administration and is a past Secretary, Chairman, Congress Organiser, and President of the NIBU, and a past President of the Irish Bridge Union,


Danny Kane and Irving Gordon

Danny taught Physics in Holyrood Secondary school for 31 years and left to become a golf club designer and clubmaker running his own business with 6 employees for over 20 years. He is still making and selling golf clubs as well as playing. He has many sporting interests and have fought professionally in three different sport: full contact karate, kick boxing and boxing all in the heavyweight division.

He took up bridge in his mid twenties because one of his sisters wanted to learn. He taught his wife, Helen, to play very shortly after they met and she has gone on to great things.

Danny gave up bridge for around 20 years as he was doing two jobs and Helen had a new all consuming medical consultant post. They returned to bridge 6 years ago and were delighted to receive a call from Irving Gordon, as they went on to be part of a Scottish team to win the senior Camrose that year.

Irving Gordon was born in Aberdeen in 1940, moving to London in 1968. His earliest bridge successes were winning the Scottish Universities Championship in 1961 and British Universities in 1962.

Irving played for Britain in the 1970 European Championship and in 5 Maccabiah games winning silver & bronze medals. He has won events at international and national level, the latter including Lederers, and the Gold Cup and the Spring Foursomes twice. In 1984 he started an 18 year partnership with Boris Schapiro with whom he won the World Senior Pairs championship in 1998. He has been a successful rubber bridge player for 50 years. He has represented Scotland in European and Camrose matches numerous times since 2000.

Irving is married to Jackie and has 3 children and 14 grandchildren

John Faben and Phil Morrison

John was born in Sheffield, and spent 10 years studying maths at various universities around the country before settling in Glasgow. He learned to play bridge at Edinburgh University Bridge Club. While studying in Edinburgh he also played water polo for Scottish Universities, making him almost certainly the first person born in Sheffield to represent Scotland at both water polo and bridge.

Phil is from Glasgow but now lives in Leeds working as a management consultant – in the post mortem this makes him excellent at telling you what you should do without ever doing it himself. He is making his second Camrose appearance and, despite multiple Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer appearances, his first bridge event in Wales!

Derek Sanders and Alex Adamson

Derek has a long experience at bridge and his first competitive bridgeencounter was when he played for Fiji in a friendly against Ron Klingers team who were visiting Suva on a cruise ship in 1980.He teaches bridge for The City of Edinburgh council adult education programme and has played five Camrose’s

Alex works in the heritage sector and is at that stage in life where every year he is closer to retirement and further away from becoming a senior bridge player.  He has written a number of books, mostly history, but bridge is catching up.  This is his third Camrose as a player, plus one as NPC.  Next Autumn he will be the NPC of the Scottish Women’s team in the Venice Cup.

Jim Hay (NPC)

Jim is from Aberdeen .He went to school at Chester many years ago so this is sort of a home coming . The first bridge club he was a member of was the Deva in Chester when he was 14. He has played for Scotland in Camrose matches 2 Europeans and I world Championship . Now following the general rule of those who can play, those who can’t teach, and those who can,’t teach become the NPC  He is making his debut as captain of the Camrose team .His previous experience of captaincy was with the under 20 team .The experience became a little easier on his blood pressure when after the first match he burned all his teams 7 level bidding cards and threw out all the redouble cards. He will agree with all decisions made by Danny Kane  It is rumoured he once had the chance to spar with Cassius Clay . John Faben on the other hand rarely comes out of the pool.


Simon Richards and Jonny Richards

Simon runs his own regulatory affairs and quality assurance company. He learnt to play bridge at school which was a long time ago. This will be his seventh Camrose outing with five different partners (so there is a trend there). He is married with two children, aged 24 and 25. It is reported that the eldest of these also plays bridge but the jury may be out on this until after this weekend. As both children live away from home this now allows Simon more time to play bridge, occasionally with his wife.

Jonny lives in Reading and works for a pension’s provider. This is Jonny’s debut at Camrose level. He has previously represented Wales at nine Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer, two Junior European team and a Junior European Pairs. Last year he was the NPC for the Open European team in Belgium. Outside of Bridge Jonny is a Water polo referee and a keen cyclist.

Tim Rees and John Salisbury

Tim has represented Wales in over forty Camrose and a number of European Championships in partnership with Filip Kurbalija, including being playing Captain in 2008 in Pau. For a couple of years (2006 and 2008) Tim topped the Gold Point rankings. Tim has won the majority of the major domestic competitions including the Gold Cup twice, Crockfords and the Spring Fours. Tim is a member of the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU.

John played his first Camrose match for Wales against Scotland in 1974 in his home town of Wrexham. Since then John has represented Wales in the Junior Camrose, Camrose, Seniors Camrose, European Open and Senior’s and Commonwealth Nations, where he won the Gold Medal. He also won a bronze medal representing Great Britain in the Mixed Teams in the Common Market Championships. It is somewhat unusual that in all that time and in all those events John has only had three partners – Jessie Newton, Robert Upton and until recently Mike Tedd. He has also undertaken some of the most thankless tasks in bridge – Chairman of Selectors and NPC. John has also found time to have a career in Social Services and a family.

John formed a partnership with Tim Rees to play in last year’s Welsh Premier League which they duly won. They earned selection for this year Camrose by virtue of finishing top of the cross imp standings.

Dr Paddy Murphy and Mark Roderick

Hailing from Leicester, Paddy now lives in beautiful North Wales and is a Reader at Bangor University, with research interests in natural product chemistry and its use in the treatment of disease. Having started to play bridge at the age of twenty two he didn’t become seriously addicted until his thirties when he moved to Wales. He has been president of the WBU on two occasions and continues to help with the running of bridge in North Wales in his role as Chairman of the NWBA. When not preparing molecules or playing cards, he is either trying to revive his failing snooker career or listening to audio books. This is his second Camrose appearance.

Mark is 43 years old and lives in Barry, South Wales. In school Mark played chess competitively, becoming the South Wales U15’s champion. Mark was introduced to bridge in his final years of school and chose to stop playing Chess to dedicate his time to Bridge. Most recently Mark has taken up playing Boccia, in which he has the long term aim of breaking into the Paralympic GB Team. He represented the Welsh Junior Team numerous times including the Junior Europeans and has since made several appearances for the Welsh Open Camrose Team. This year Mark is playing with Paddy Murphy who started their partnership two years ago, qualifying for the Camrose both years.

Alan Stephenson (NPC)

Alan was the non-playing captain for Wales historic Camrose win which happened on home soil in Llandrindrod Wells in 2011. Alan is married to Krista a former Welsh Junior and Lady Milne International, they live near Wrexham. Having taken early retirement a few years ago as well as playing bridge and snooker, Alan spends a fair amount of time on the golf course. Alan recently spent a year as CEO of the Welsh Bridge Union but found it even harder than working full time and now contributes by being a selector.